Petersfield Wedding Video: The Tithe Barn, Becky & Mark - September 2016

Posted on: September 20, 2016


What makes a perfect wedding day? 

Some might say it’s the people, others might say its the venue and some say the weather. 

Becky and Mark had it all, from what started off as a fairly chilly and wet September day turned out to be a stunner. With friends and family flying in from as far afield as Dubai and others making the long drive from Norfolk, it was clearly going to be a great day.

The happy couple actually live in Dubai themselves so had carried out the majority of the prep work during their bi-annual trips home with family and friends helping out wherever possible.

They’d chosen Tithe Barn just outside Petersfield in Hampshire. I’d not been been there before but had heard great things about it and the staff who kept the wedding cogs turning smoothly. The barn’s set in the stunning South Down’s National Park with rolling hills, lush green trees and homely pubs wherever you turned; perfection if you ask me.

Another first for me was working with Rob from ShootingHip, he has an amazing eye for detail and I think did an amazing job capturing some extremely natural and emotive shots. Hopefully our paths cross again in the near future.

West Sussex, Petersfield Wedding Video, The Tithe Barn

The couple (when in the UK) are based in Fair Oak, a good 30min drive from the venue. We’re lucky to be blessed with some beautiful countryside here in Hampshire, what better way to make the most of this than to make the journey down to the venue in Daisy Bug (Soft-top VW Beatle) and Sleepy Jean (Vintage VW Camper van), two classics from Vinnie’s Vintage Vehicles.

The barn was packed with friends and family and the couple had done an amazing job with the decorations. Mark’s mum had hand made what seemed like miles of bunting, his dad hand building a lot of the props and Becky’s parent’s supplying the bubbles and wine for dinner. 

Petersfield Wedding Video - The Tithe Barn

It’s easy to visualise how you want your wedding day to look, turning that vision in to reality is a whole different ballgame. Scraps of paper, Pinterest photo’s and Instagram posts can inspire but bringing it all together in to a unified and cohesive theme is a challenge at the best of times. 

Did Mark and Becky succeed? Was their day a success? 

As Walter White from Breaking Bad fame would say “You’re God Damn right!”, every piece fell in to place and the cogs turned flawlessly. This is great for me and makes my job a little easier. What can I not love about people having a great time, a couple having one of the best days of their lives all wrapped up with a sprinkling of embarrassing Photo-Booth pictures and lashings of smiles and laughs.

Tell me that there’s a better way to look back on this day than with a wedding film!


MoosMovies x

Tithe Barn Wedding Video - Mark & Becky

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